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Last week when a few of us sat around and discussed taking forward the World Rocks Against Dementia event next year (March 19th 2016) we never imagined that after two and a bit hours of throwing ideas about and writing things down that we would have definite plans and definite times and arena to hold an event, but we did, and we are so happy we have, its all so exciting, but there’s more to come!!!One of the hardest things to discuss in anything like this is the money,

1, Where is it coming from?
2, Who`s helping pay for the day ? and then, at the end
3, Where’s the fundraising going to ???

Numbers one and two will hopefully be answered by sponsorship’s and donations, if you would like to help support this event then please click on the donation button below. Every little helps

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However, number three was a tough one, until we started to talk about the reason we are doing it and HOW IMPORTANT it is that music is used at every possible turn that is. It was then Lenny sat there and said PAMS!!I have to admit we all turned around and said PAM ?? what on earth ?? then he said NO !! P.A.M.SPurple Angel Music Society

As we came to terms with this name we thrashed it out and came up with this, i hope you like it and please let me know your thoughts.

The beauty of this event is that no matter where in the world you hold an event, whatever monies your raise on the day can be donated to whoever YOU WANT TO donate it to!! It can be your local dementia club, care home etc etc or wherever you want it to go, your in charge !!

What we have decided to do is set up a group called PAMS which will then pay for groups, artists, dancers, singers to play in Care homes, residential homes, Hospices, Hospitals over the next coming year until the next event and spend EVERY PENNY we raise on providing some kind of musical entertainment for ALL those touched by this awful disease, be it family members, carers or those diagnosed. it will be of course a non for profit operation.

So thats what we are going to do, there is TOO much evidence out there that proves music unlocks the brain so why not provide free music of any genre to those who it could help and improve their quality of life.

If this is only half as successful as the Global Purple Angel dementia campaign, I will be a very happy man.

Lots of Love from Norms xxxx


World Rock against dementia 19/03/2016

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Hello, my Name is Norrms Mc Namara and i am just one of the founders of next years World FIRST Rock Against Dementia event !! Which will be held on March 19th 2016. We are asking all, no matter where in the world you live, to hold an event which includes any type of music, (Not just Rock) and spread awareness of this awful disease whilst doing so. The beauty of this event is no matter where in the world you hold your event, any monies you may raise because of this, we want you to keep it local to where YOU are and spend it on whatever Dementia charities you want to. It could be a ,local memory cafe near you? or you may want to start your own memory cafe? or a care home near you? It does`nt matter, we want all the money you raise to be spent how you want to spend it and in your area as we will be doing the same here in Torbay.

Please watch the video with ” Henry ” on the front page which is only six minutes long and watch the transformation as he listens to music and comes alive!! This is why here, in Torbay we have formed Group called P.A.M.S ” Purple Angel Music Society, and this is how it was born

So please, hold a music event near you, be it Rock, classical, R+B, Soul, Blues, or even RAP !! Tell us where it is and we will tell everybody about it.We have just under a year to get this right, and when we do, it could possibly be the Biggest dementia awareness raising event the WORLD has ever seen!!

We would love you to be part of it !! please write to us here, or to me on   norrms@gmail.com